Truly a multifunctional piece:

1.  Rain resistant outershell. Full coverage, but contoured for active dogs that need the freedom of movement.

2.  Reflective webbing throughout, for better visibility by both cars and owners with flashlights.

3.  Reversible Safety Orange fleece lining!  Perfect for walks in the woods when you are unsure of hunters and you'd just like the additional visibility.

4.  1 Buckle adjustable chest strap. This makes it easy to get on and off and quickly reversible. Maintains the reflective quality on either side. No more trying to work zipper closures with a wiggling muddy occupant!!

Original Reversible Jacket

SKU: SmGrayTeal
  • WASHABLE absolutely, completely, utterly washable! For all the walks, trips and dips into muddy is absolutely machine washable.