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Prom 2016.jpg

Prom season is upon us!! 

Let's not wait till the last minute, get scheduled early!  We're looking forward to seeing you!!

Book your fitting ASAP.

EA has some exciting news!! We've expanded into computerized embroidery.  Please keep an eye on our FB page to see updates.

We are offering: 

  • custom logos

  • monogramming clothing

  •  holiday gifts and much more...


Standby for photo quality custom embroidery. 

It's exciting and we're looking forward to the future!!

Keep it simple!! When a fitting is not necessary, use our convenient Dropbox! The Dropbox hook is available 24/7 for quick alteration drop-offs without an appointment. 


Fittings are not necessary for:

  • zipper repairs

  • pant/ dress hems

  • general repairs

  • patch placement


Need a fitting? No worries...Book it!

Seamstresses, when was the last time your machine was cleaned? Click here to have your machines cleaned/maintained or serviced.

If you have any questions feel free to call/text me.

See you soon,




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